A magical place located in the heart of Serra da Lousã, two hours from Lisbon and one hour from Oporto. Scroll

Footpaths | Gondramaz

As we descend the village of Gondramaz, we leave behind us the sound of our footsteps treading on the shale set by the man's calloused hands and we stepped on a natural mat of grass that grows among the rough shale of the road.

We no longer hear the characteristic sounds of village life, and we begin to hear the sound of waterfalls washing and soothing the soul.

The Gondramaz is connected by footpaths to several other mountain villages or from the foothills of the hills.

At the beginning of the walk one can choose the different routes but in all of them there are surprises of nature.

One of the paths leads us to the Penedo dos Corvos.

Here we can see the rocky slopes and in the background the valley covered by a green mantle formed by the treetops.

Mountain Whisper challenges you to rise to the Ravens Boulder and experience the simplicity and magnitude that it brings you!

Dare to discover the charms of nature!

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